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The world is running out of fresh water. At Aqualogue we are researching and developing alternative ways to grow food with water conservation at the core of everything we do. Aquaponics uses 95% less water than traditional farming and is modular, adaptable and can be set up anywhere.

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Aquaponics education can inspire future leaders and foster the open sharing of information and data across borders and political lines, ensuring our future success on this planet.

Our educational program provides movable aquaponic system installations throughout Chicago of our scaled-down approach that is compact, user-friendly and replicable. The course covers the closed-loop ecosystem in aquaponics, promotes systems thinking which can be translated into a variety of real-world applications and teaches students about food security, circular economy, water conservation and concepts within the natural sciences.

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Medium sized indoor aquaponics system

Permaculture Aquaponics Permaculture Aquaponics Permaculture Aquaponics

Aqualogue is a non-profit focused on aquaponics research and education. We opened shop in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood in October 2016 and are pursuing funding to launch Aqualogger, our online open resource hub, as well as our educational pilot program.

The heart of Aqualogue is research and education. We're dedicated to shifting the paradigm of the food supply chain to a more sustainable agricultural economy focused on water conservation with practical techniques like aquaponics.